Personal Injury

Mr. Chanin has represented individuals who have obtained recoveries ranging from one thousand dollars to multi-million dollar recoveries. He believes that his representation allows these individuals to achieve some sense of power over those who have violated their rights and integrity.

Mr. Chanin does not run a “personal injury mill,” but rather he insists on giving individual treatment to every client he represents. His expertise includes assessing permanent injuries, lost wages and future wage loss and the medical and psychological needs of his clients. He is not afraid to try a case but is also aware that adequate settlements sometimes provide more for his clients than the risks of a jury trial. 


Jim Chanin has successfully represented injured people since 1978, including:

  • Scores of people injured in auto and bus accidents including pedestrians, drivers, and passengers.
  • Dozens of tenants whose property has been destroyed in fires and explosions. 
  • Victims of toxic exposures against oil companies and others.
  • Victims of violent crimes who have successfully sued their perpetrators.


Notable recent recoveries include:

  • $400,000 auto accident
  • $900,000 jet ski passenger killed by boat
  • $485,000 injury due to faulty elevator operation
  • $85,000 pedestrian hit by automobile
  • $525,000 car accident
  • $91,500 dog bite case
  • $105,000 pedestrian hit by minor on bicycle
  • $85,000 car accident
  • $99,000 pedestrian hit by automobile
  • $410,000 pedestrian hit by a bus
  • $945,000 worker injured on the job by the negligence of a third party
  • $885,000 worker injured due to hazardous condtion onboard a ship